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"The goal of Early childhood eucation should be to activate child's own natural desire to learn." - MARIA MONTESSORI

Why Us?

We nurture children from 18 months to 6 years to develop their confidence, social skills and enthusiasm.

Founder's Message

Dear Parents

I am delighted to see you here!

The first impressions absorbed by children indirectly shape their future.

It is thus crucial that the school provides a myriad of experiences during this critical juncture in order for them to build a foundation for a lifetime love for learning.

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’.

That’s the ethos behind Ubuntu Montessori.

We at Ubuntu Montessori believe that each and every child is unique and follows his or her natural path of development. Following a curriculum which is true to the original Montessori Method, we endeavour to enrich the social, cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of the child’s growth.Through the thoughtfully prepared environment conceptualized solely for the children, the innate desire to explore and discover is cultivated thus helping them become confident and independent lifelong learners.

I look forward to meeting you.

Sejal Shah



Toddler Program

14 Months to 30 Months
The Toddler Program at Ubuntu Montessori is designed for the children in the age group of 14 Months to 30 Months. It is carefully designed child centric program that enables child to freely explore and experience the learning-rich, prepared environment. The program offered in small batch size makes the child feel at home, at the same time effectively prepares him for early childhood learning.

Pre-Primary Program

2.5 Years to 6 Years
Our Pre-Primary Program Offers Montessori education to children from 2.5 years to 6 years in a mixed age community that fosters peer mentoring. The children are introduced to life skills that helps them to develop concentration, have fine and gross motor skills, instill a sense of personal and community responsibility, thus enabling them to become independent.

after school Programs

“While the Ubuntu after-school programs are somewhat less structed than the typical Montessori day, it follows the same guidelines and expectations to ensure continued learning and development of your child.”

Daycare Program

14 Months to 6 Years
Ubuntu Montessori has meticulously designed learning spaces and a passionate set of teachers and caregivers who provide a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment for children.

Math and Language

2.5 Years to 6 Years
Our program nurtures children's innate curiosity for mathematics and fundamental language concepts by engaging them in immersive hands-on experiences with Montessori materials.


The Montessori Environment, in which each chid's unique curriculum develops organically, is described as a prepared environment, a place specifically made for child's needs. Guided by the principles of Maria Montessori, the teachers create a space which nurtures the child's intellectual and emotional growth.
Excercise Of Practical Life
Excercise Of Practical Life

This is where the child learns and practices skills for everyday tasks.


Children are sensory learners who discover the world through their direct experience of it.


Language is a study of relationships—between symbols and ideas that may or may not be visible.


The Montessori children do not learn mathematics, they experience it.


Science, geography and culture come alive in the Montessori classroom!

Extra Curriculur
Feeding the curiosity through programs for Fitness, Music, Art, Cooking and Gardening!

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Admissions Open

Admissions Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Toddler Class: 14 months and should be able to walk
    Pre-Primary: 2.5 years

  • You can apply when your child is three months old to start the admission process.
    We don’t have rolling admissions. Our terms begin in July and January of every year.

  • We do not evaluate children. We have a school orientation followed by a group discussion with parents.

  • Information regarding the fee structure is made available during the admission process/ orientation

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Unit 4, Flim Center Building, Ground Floor, 68 Tardeo Road, Mumbai – 400034